Home builder staging and branding services
Home Frosting’s sister company Brain Tattoo Branding helps builders thrive

In today’s competitive market it’s not enough to have a good housing product. Builders must stand out with a distinct identity/image and well-presented, lifestyle-focused offerings. Karen Post founder of Home Frosting’s sister company Brain Tattoo Branding has worked with diverse companies around the globe giving them a powerful market advantage with a strong, distinct brand. As a twice-published author and international business expert, Karen and her team parlay their real estate marketing and business branding expertise to add to your success.

Two ways we can help make your builder brand successful
1) Builder brand consulting and branding programs
This starts with a developing a strong brand that reflects the values of the builder, its market positioning and product profile.Our team of marketing and branding professionals can develop and enhance a builder’s brand. From creating marketing tools and materials, to designing a memorable buyer experience, our builder branding expertise makes a difference.

Our services can include:
-Builder identity packages
-Buyer experience programs
-Development marketing
-Sales center design

2) Builder showcase staging and product presentation
Our home “staging to sell” packages are customized to a builder’s needs. Whether it’s a single model property or multiple homes, we stage to showcase and the sell your product fast and for the highest price possible.

Our services can include:
-Consulting on finishes, from lighting to paint and exterior elements
-Selling or leasing furniture and staging for model homes
-After market new buyer design gift packages