What’s the difference between home staging and interior design, interior decoration, or home styling?Home staging is focused on the buyer. Home stagers creates aspirational  lifestyle presentation to sell a home quickly and for the highest price possible. Visual selling strategies are used to appeal to the largest pool of buyers. The current home owner, home seller, Realtor personal tastes, style and or preferences should not be considered in staging a home for sale.

 Home interior design, decorating and home styling focuses on the dweller’s style, personality and            function goals. The end result should express the home owner’s personality and lifestyle.

When should I start researching staging companies?
As soon as you know you want to sell you home. A professional home stager can bring total home preparation advice to the home seller. Many times this means home improvements, decluttering and other items that require time and a budget.

Do I pay for the staging services or my Realtor?
This depends on your agreement with your Realtor. Sometimes Realtors will cover the consultation fee. From our experience, the home seller covers the staging and home improvement expenses. Each listing is case by case.

Is the home seller or Realtor involved in selecting the furnishings to stage a home?
No. When a home seller hires a professional staging, they are engaging a professional who knows what are the best assets to be staged to help sell a home. When evaluating professional home stagers, do inquire about their available inventory. Larger staging companies may cost more than smaller ones. The advantage of working with a larger home staging resource is the access to the right furnishings that best align with the home and price point is much greater.

How long does it take to professionally stage a home?
There are many variables in this answer.  They include: size of home, location, other home improvements that need attention as part of the home presentation and staging. Home Frosting has staged homes as fast as 2 days notice, and installation in 2 days, to needing a month of planning, preparation work and staging installation.

Are the staging items for sale that are placed in my home?
This depends on the professional home stager you work with. Home Frosting’s furnishings, art and accessories are always available to purchase.  A couple days after the staging installation, the Home Frosting team provides an asset report with images and purchase or replacement costs. Often home sellers and Realtors will use items in the staged home that buyer likes in the negotiation pricing process.

What happens if I don’t like what the staging company installed in my home?
Professional home stagers’s strive to help sell your home, quickly and for the highest price. They use their staging expertise and their available inventory to achieve this goal. If the home seller or Realtor has done a good job of researching the home stager’s work, their selection should not be an issue. Staging fees vary from company to company. A small staging fee may includes fewer items and less expensive furnishings. If your home is a luxury property, make sure your stager works in this area.

Is home staging tax deductible?
See our blog post here

Is it necessary to stage the entire home?
Not usually. Staging high impact rooms is recommended. These include: entry, dining room, living room, kitchen and master bath. If the home as some WOW space like an outdoor area, we often will add this to room’s we stage.

Is photography included in the cost of staging?
Home Frosting includes a basic photography package in staging over $3500.

Can my home be staged if I still live there?
Yes, we stage occupied homes. These packages can include a consultation, a rental kit for furnishings, art and accessories and can also include recommending the home seller purchase soft goods that they will use and live with while the home is on the market.

What does staging cost? And what am I paying for in these fees?
Home staging is an investment to help sell your home for the highest price. Fees can range from .50 to 1% of the listing price, depending on many variables like: number of rooms, length of staging contract and complexity of home’s challenges. If you would like a quick quote, see the green box on every page of our site.