Alyssa Maria Rodemsky

Meet Home Frosting’s newest team member, Alyssa!

As many of you know, Home Frosting has recently shifted our staging company to a full-service design firm to better serve our clients. Alongside these exciting changes, we have added more superpowers, talent and skill to our team. We are thrilled to add Alyssa Maria Rodemsky as a project manager + design assistant.

Originally from the crossroads of the Blue Ridge Mountains and our nation’s capital, Warrenton, VA, Alyssa’s love for luxe and beautiful home decor started at an early age with an affinity for old world design, art, antiques, and one-of-a kind treasures. It’s no understatement to say Alyssa has an immense passion for curated homes.

Alyssa’s role will include: client service, spearheading all project management and marketing. Understanding client’s personal stories and celebrating their unique expression drives her contributions on all aspects of design and construction projects. Her extreme organizational and people skills ensure she and the Home Frosting team are always delivering an amazing client experience.

Prior to joining Home Frosting, Alyssa managed wholesale and retail brands within the luxury home decor, handcrafted furniture, and premium flooring industries. Her responsibilities entailed: research, budget management, digital marketing, customer relations and creative problem solving.

Alyssa graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in fashion marketing and management while competing in the women’s soccer program on a full athletic scholarship. Her studies across global campuses in US, Europe and Asia expanded her knowledge and admiration of world history, architecture, and diverse cultures.

When Alyssa is not managing complex projects you will find her spending time with her family, cooking a killer tuna steak or enjoying one of her favorite comedy artists. Alyssa is also enrolled in the Home Frosting LEAD. This exclusive education and training program provides young professionals an opportunity to be mentored and excel in their careers, and participate in the long-term growth and success of the company.

More team news 📰

Erin Tompkins, who has been managing all of our back office, is now leading product procurement and administration duties.

Erin’s new role is focused on product procurement, tracking, contracts, billing and accounting support.

Next to stellar administrator and buyer in the dictionary you will find Erin, Home Frosting’s mega-organized, always cheery, and important back-bone of our studio operations.

Prior to joining Home Frosting, Erin excelled in customer service and compliance for a national paint company and regional distribution organization.  When Erin is not hard at work helping make homes delicious, and sometimes juggling balls of fire, she’s exploring Tampa with her family or spending time with her many four-legged fur babies.

Until everyone is fully onboarded there may be some overlap in duties. Thank you for your patience and please welcome these changes.