How we can help you sell your home fast and get the highest price possible
Our Tampa home staging services make your home appealing to the largest pool of potential buyers, speeding up the selling process and so you get the highest sale price possible. See our work, get tips to help sell your home.

Getting a home ready for selling is no different than preparing for a job interview, a date or launching a commercial product for sale. You have only one first impression and you want be presented in your best way.

Why home staging is critical and a wise investment.
1) Today when home buyers shop for a new home, they look online first. This is the first reason home staging is critical if you want to sell your home fast and for the highest price.

2) Our society is very visual due to of all the HGTV and other network home improvement and design shows, buyers expectations are higher too. Often older homes are competing with new construction. Home staging can give a home a new fresh and current look.

3) Prospects often can’t see how their furniture will work in the home or what they will do with certain spaces. Home staging makes it easy to imagine living there and gives each room purpose.

How does home staging work?
The goal of home staging is to present your home in the best light possible. This means accentuating the positive by making rooms feel spacious and bright. Our team of professional home stagers create WOW factors to showcase upgrades, special spaces and features and visually tell lifestyle stories, so buyer can see themselves in the home.

Occupied or soon to be vacant home staging consultation – $500
With an occupied or soon to be vacant home consulting package, our professional home stagers help you get your home ready to sell. The home staging consultation cost is $500. The fee is paid at the time of scheduling the appointment. The home staging consultation service provides an in-person home visit and feedback to get your home sell-ready.  Within four days, we email you a visual report and checklist addressing home improvements, decluttering, furnishings, light fixtures and paint editing. If home staging rentals are needed, we will provide you pricing and room recommendations too. Our goal is to present the home to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers and put more money in your pocket on the fastest track.

Need a home preparation/staging consultation? Book a Home Frosting, home stager today and we’ll:

  • Room by room, tour the entire interior and exterior of the home
  • Gather insight from you on the home’s best features and what you loved about it and the challenges too
  • Discuss your selling goals and timelines
  • Within four days, provide follow-up recommendations report you can employ quickly to improve the appeal of your home
  • Explore a range of other home staging options to suit your timeframe and budget. Should further staging or improvement be made with Home Frosting, we credit back $250 of the initial fee

Ready to book a vacant home staging?

  • Give us a call at 813-250-1730 or email Karen@homeforsting for a phone consultation. If you have photos of the property. We will review them, learn about your targeted listing price, and timing. We will then create a home staging proposal.
  • This will include price, number of rooms, and schedule availability.
  • Once contracted, we tour the home and move quickly to plan for and install staging assets.

We offer several packages for vacant home staging. All are available for 30 days.

Home staging DESIGNER KIT
Home Frosting’s Staging DESIGNER KIT is our most affordable offering . It’s ideal for listings under $350,000, where the property just needs minimal staging without any customization and all staging is on the first level of the home. The DESIGNER KIT includes: furniture, accessories and art installation and pick up for the entry, living room, kitchen, dining room and one bath. In this package you choose from three style looks, transitional, rustic or contemporary.

Home staging BASICS 
Home Staging BASICS is the ideal for smaller sized homes (under 2,000 sq. ft.) and under $500,000 listings and includes: furniture, accessories and art for the entry, living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom and bath.

Home staging CORE & MORE
Home Staging CORE & MORE package provides more rooms and is perfect for larger listings that are priced up to $750,000.

Home staging LUX 
Home Frosting’s Staging LUX Package is our premier luxury home offering. Perfect for larger more expensive homes. This package includes larger scale staging elements and more high end accessories are appropriate for homes listed at $750,000 and up and are over 3,500 sq. ft.

Home improvements, fixtures, hardware are billed in addition to the staging fees.

What our clients are saying:
“Karen and her team made the difference. My house had sat on the market vacant for six months. I changed realtors and Rebecca Kelly of Eaton Realty LLC negotiated an amazing plan with Karen. My house then sold in just over 30 days. Staging is an investment in making if you are serious about selling your property.” Virginia