Project Description

Happy Pet Project Slow Dining Bowls make the pet eat around the shape inside the bowl slowing the process. This prevents over-eating and indigestion issues. The chewing phase is also prolonged which increases saliva production which is good for dental hygiene. 8 inches in size. Enjoy style and better eating for your dog. The Happy Pet Project dog bowl is made 100% cooling ceramic material licensed from Magisso® and inspires happier pets and their people parents.Happy pet project bowls

Home Frosting offers home interior design, home styling and home staging services in the Tampa Bay area. We also really love pets. So if you and your four-legged family need to sell your home for the highest price, our team of Home stagers can help. We use proven presentation techniques to make sure your home appeals to the largest pool of buyers. Or if you love your place, but just need to frost it up a bit, we can provide interior design assistance for every room in your home including places for your pets so they can enjoy their own Dog beds in Tampa.

Here are 5 places you can incorporate great home decor design in your pet’s space. Add a floor mat. Make their dog bowl decorative. Select your dog bed so it compliments the room. Shore his toys in a styling way. For example- find a nice basket with a top or a storage cube.

Lincoln Vogt
Lincoln is an important member of the Home Frosting team. He too loves luxury items and fine food. When he’s not chasing squirrels or napping, he is  working hard on earning his masters in good behavior.  No matter what, he can always be counted on to remind the team that life and work should always be fun.