20 08, 2021

To stage or not to stage in a RED HOT market?

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That’s a million-dollar question - and unless you have a great crystal ball, you'll need to look at the research and examples below to decide what’s best for your listing.  Reluctant home seller listens to Realtor’s advice. “If you want to get the very highest price for your home, it needs to look its best and [...]

28 10, 2019

Great listing, but it smells worse than a dead skunk.

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Yikes! This is not an uncommon challenge Realtors have to manage through once they get a new listing. The home looks great, the seller has agreed to the right price and the location could not be better. But, wait it’s hard to get past that awful stinky odor. Nasty odors can come from pets, lack [...]

7 10, 2019

Lighting ideas that help sell homes

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REALITY - Prospective home buyers often can't "unsee" home flaws Lighting and fixtures are critical in presenting a sell-ready home to buyers. This means making sure you have the best lighting to help sell the home. When rooms are bright, and the right light fixtures are installed, you make the best first impression. TIPS * [...]

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