Home Frosting has had the pleasure of completing over 625 home improvement, interior design, home decorating and real estate staging projects.

We make homes and life delicious.This means achieving project goals, manifesting your vision and delivering “the big reveal” on time and budget.

When we provide interior design services, decorate or renovate homes, we create more than a beautiful aesthetic.We design a sensory living experience with style, purpose, comfort, and new value.

Home Frosting does not have a single signature look. We admire all architectural periods and style genres. Our work reflects the story and lifestyles of our clients. What is consistent is we are thoughtful planners, problem solvers and practice timeless design principles.

Our goal is not about a piece of furniture, a floor finish or a window treatment. It is about delivering an emotional joy that our clients experience every time the walk into their dream space.

It starts with a vision and becomes a stunning reality. that makes them happy and proud with a new sense of inner wellness from their entire environment.

Below you will find a sampling of our diverse portfolio. Our design work includes many styles, moods and vibes ranging from organic rustic, to casual coastal and cozy cottage, to sleek contemporary, simplistic modern and transitional, to traditional regal and glamor, and even eclectic and whimsical.

Our projects range is vast. We design custom residences, decorate and furnish condominiums, update vacation homes and visually market properties to sell.

We look forward to hearing about your project.