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We love, love, love, making life and homes delicious

We coined the words Home frosting and Home sprinkles (verbs) as how we help our clients.

We offer two distinct ways work together and bring you value.

Frosting projects – are for full-service home design, decorating, planning, project management and installation projects. These projects can include: new construction, home updating, home transformation to live in or to market for sale or rent. Generally Frosting projects take from 90 days to 12 months and start at $40,000 in designer fees.

Sprinkles projects – are smaller, time sensitive home decorating and styling, or real estate preparation projects. These simple, less complex projects start at $3000 plus any product purchases or trade craftsman services.

We believe delicious is a sensory experience.
Delicious homes are fresh, beautiful, feel great, in good taste, and have intentional harmony.

Our service areas include:

How we are different and deliver delicious . . .

We stock inventory of home furnishing product in our 7,000 sq. ft. studio spaces.

We have a fleet of Home Frosting branded vehicles.

We have an in-house, fully insured logistics team that is trained to work in luxury properties and provides all deliveries and project set up. This includes professional art, lighting and furnishing installations.

We always provide a Pink Glove Service™ standard and carefully oversee projects from concept through every detail of the final installation.

Our signature style reflects you. How you live, your world, your unique personality, and what you value. We believe the best home design is a collaboration with the design team and homeowner and has an energy, an aesthetic, and provides comfort and function.

We are creative designers, problem solvers, and efficient project managers.

Home Frosting has transformed hundreds of homes, from small bungalows to 28,000 sq. ft. estates that required months of planning and design, to vacation beach houses. We know well-designed interiors and environments make a difference, and life gets even sweeter.

Let’s get started.