Interior design

We provide a full range of luxury interior design, home styling, and home improvement services.
Our team of interior experts have transformed hundreds of homes from historic small bungalows to 28,000 sq. ft. estates that required months of planning and design, to vacation beach houses that needed an update.

Our sweet spot is working on luxury residential properties where clients want a unique, custom-designed environment that reflects their story, their essence and how they live.

From room transformations to complete re design and remodeling projects, our professional design and project management team employs a mix of art, function, innovation and story to create not just pretty rooms, but, delicious sensory experiences.

We have two distinct service divisions to meet your home improvement, decorating and design needs.

Sprinkles packages – address home decoration, styling, smaller, less complex projects and start at $2500.
A Sprinkles package is priced by the room-design with a two room minimum. You can work online or add in-person consultations and other services. Defined solutions can include: style boards, shopping lists and consultation. In a Sprinkles package you purchase all product outside of the Home Frosting shop.

Sprinkle clients benefit and enjoy our expertise when they need assistance with:

  • Decluttering and editing down excess furnishings, art, accessories
  • Furniture layout and planning
  • Window treatments
  • Fixture and finishes style recommendations
  • Art and accessories selection, curation and installation

Frosting packages – offer full service home interior design, decorating, new construction and are projects over $50,000+ product and trade services.
These projects generally take 90 days or more. Here, clients want a customized home design and our team handles every detail from design to project management, to furniture and furnishing procurement and installation.

Luxury residential Frosting clients count on our designers because:

  • They don’t have the time needed to manage the projects
  • They want to update several rooms or spaces in their current home
  • They are building a new home
  • They lack the confidence in selecting and juggling all the pieces involved with new construction or updating residential design
  • They’ve got a special event scheduled and feel their home is not ready to entertain
  • They are going through a life change (i.e., kids and/or spouse are gone, or they recently married and the combined furnishings need editing)

Not sure what you need? Book a consultation.
We provide consultations on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. A sr. designer consultation is $500 for a session and includes an evaluation of your project, feedback, and next step action recommendations. When you engage Home Frosting for a follow on project, this consultation is credited back to you.

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