Starting at $3000, based on scope of work per space

Do you have furniture, but need some edits? This package is for you.

Are you ready to be out with the old, and in with the new? Then this is a good starting place.

Here you receive a complete design plan for your project without committing to purchasing the furnishings just yet.

Follow these simple steps to book a luxury floor plan and furnishing consultation:
  1. Start with a Discovery Call with us (this MUST be done prior to any Home Frosting services).
  2. Following the call, we’ll schedule your initial design consultation, which provides us with the big picture. We’ll meet with you to gather insight on your home, style, goals, challenges, and then provide a report on the possibilities and improvements.
  3. Select the spaces that need addressing & gather a few inspiration images to share with designer
  4. Contact Home Frosting to purchase & schedule a luxury floor plan and furnishing consultation.
  5. Discuss the level of “investment” with all parties involved
What to expect from the luxury floor plan and furnishing consultation:
  • In-person meeting with Home Frosting designer at your project to discuss areas, color goals, challenges, and other surrounding elements.
  • Presentation of high-level design looks of primary furnishings (not exact pieces) placed in 2D room rendering.
  • Should you decide you are ready to purchase any product, a furniture budget will need to be established, and then Home Frosting will present up to 2 options per space. Added selections bill at $250 per fixture.
  • Storage and installation fees are based on final selections.
  • Styling, window treatments, custom pieces, art, accessorizing, and installation are add-on services