Have confidence in your color stories

Color on the exterior of a house, the trim, accent areas, walls, and floors play a big role in the overall aesthetic result of the home’s finished spaces. This can be an overwhelming task as there are many considerations in making the best choices.

Home Frosting offers several color consultations

All projects begin with an initial design consultation, which provides us with the big picture. We’ll meet with you to gather insight on your home, style, goals, and challenges, and then provide a report on the possibilities and improvements. Once this $500 initial design consultation is complete, Home Frosting can help you dive deeper with any of the following:

Add to the $500 initial design consultation

  • $1,000 Exterior paint color consultation package – Includes: primary exterior color, garage, and trim (+$500 for any additional interior spaces)
  • $1,000 Interior paint color consultation package – Includes: primary wall color, ceiling, and trim (+$500 for any additional interior spaces)
  • $1,000 Floor color consultation package – Includes primary floor only (+$500 for any additional flooring spaces)
  • $1,000 Roof color consultation package

Or select a complete color consultation package for $2,500 which includes exterior, interior, roof, and floors.

If you want Home Frosting to manage the project, we are happy to provide this service to save you time. This service is $1,500, plus 15% of the labor & materials estimate.

When we manage a color installation/application project like this, we get three (3) estimates from trusted companies we have a history of working with. We create the request for proposal (RFP), evaluate the bids & handle scheduling, and after work is completed, we conduct a comprehensive inspection and follow up to handle any quality issues. Base billing, insurance, and warranties are between the client and subcontractor.

What to expect from the color consultation:

  • Up to two (2) in-person meetings with the Home Frosting designer at your project to discuss areas, color goals, challenges, and other surrounding elements.
  • Presentation of colors and sampling on surfaces.
  • Custom paint recipes can be created & sampled on wall surfaces, if needed, for an additional fee of $150 per recipe sample. This is billed as needed.

Follow these simple steps to book a color consultation:

  1. Have a “Discovery Call“ with us (this MUST be done prior to a consult). Your initial design consultation will be scheduled and $500 collected following this.
  2. Select the spaces that need addressing & purchase the corresponding package.
  3. Gather a few inspirational images you have seen and share them with the designer.
  4. Schedule the color presentation consultation.