home frosting is here . . .

file-sep-16-10-37-39-amWe are ready to help residential home sellers, Realtors, developers, and investors improve, sell, or lease their property.
We do this with luxury furnishings, art, and an astute eye & talent for transforming spaces. We are not just another home staging company, but a unique professional team with expertise in visual persuasion, marketing, and creating lifestyle-inspired environments.

We are ready to help home dwellers add new life to their home with great art and frosting and fluff services.
We do this by making amazing art available through our rentals and sales programs and by decor consulting.

The home frosting blog will be your channel to learn about project success stories, meet featured artists, and other very cool friends of home frosting. Plus we will be sharing design, decor, and trend insight so any space, home, or property can be remarkable.