From home gym to now “rehab” room, this is how we roll in our One Room Challenge week 5.

“What does not kill you makes you stronger” is such a true phrase.

Karen Post Tampa interior designer

2 weeks after my freak accident I have more skills:

  • How to manage daily task (like eating, dressing and typing) with one working hand
  • How to use more technology like Voxer, an iphone walkie talkie to communicate with ease
  • How to be highly productive when you can’t work on your computer

I also have a greater appreciation for so many things. These are my health, my network of friends and clients, and my 2nd home that has one floor.

I learned how to turn suffering into strength.

This week is week 5 of the One Room Challenge® and I am back in my full jam in life, work and my room design project.

Like I mentioned in last week’s post, I’m a planner and fortunately was ahead of schedule with my home gym redo, so being out of action for 14 days was absolutely, OK. The only modification may be what we call the space now, as I’ll be more in the rehab mode than a full fitness one for several months.

Things are all starting to arrive including the green wall from Gold Design Group and the lighting from Progressive Lighting.

I received confirmation from Tricolor floors, the wood wall will be installed on May 20th.

My open items I need to finalize this week include:

  • Book the photographer, installing the lighting and the art, evaluating the ceiling (does it need some attention, new paint, paper??), designing and installing my shelf, the foliage, and the big reveal room styling.
  • And the room name sign. I was recently gifted with a very cool, modern Home Frosting sign from LuAnn Nigeria, my business coach. I’ve not installed it yet as I’m in a temporary working studio space, but the look is perfect for this project too and it will remind, I need to visit this room often.

Week 6 will be big as we inch to the finish line.

Karen Post interior designer