Week 4 – Crash? Get up!

It’s hard to believe we are halfway to the finish line. Four weeks down and four more to go in the spring 2023 one room challenge. This week we had no shortage of drama, but in the end we are still on schedule to complete my home workout room project. broke my arm and foot, now what

If you missed my Instagram post earlier in the week (@therealhomefrosting), long story short, after attending a hockey game Saturday night, I twisted my ankle in some very cute Pedro Garcia wedge shoes, lost my balance and hit the concrete ground shoulder first. Then I was taken in an ambulance to the ER @Tampa General. After 7 hours, I was x-rayed and was told I broke my arm and foot. Plus I can expect a lot of pain and no driving for up to a month!

With my big girl pants on, optimistic Karen was thinking “this could have been way worse, you have good insurance and you will soldier through this with grace.”

My inside voice was feeling something very different. More like, “S–T” this totally sucks, while fear and uncertainty have filled my mind and body.

Fortunately, due to all of the money I have invested into Tony Robbins courses (LOL), I knew I had a choice in how I let this accident impact me. There was only one option: big girl pants it is!

This week’s ORC blog post will be short and sweet because I only have one hand that is working and for the last seven days I have been in a level – red, extreme pain zone.

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So, what was my progress this week?
My progress was I dodged a bullet and did not break my neck!

How important is forward planning on any design project?
It’s critical. Because when stuff like this happens, you are absolutely OK. (YEAH, THAT’S ME!)

What was my greatest take away?

Pain, accidents, and mistakes will happen. I suspect with this robust community of interior designers participating in the Spring 2023 One Room Challenge, I’m not the lone ranger. There are others sweating something maybe worse.

When stuff happens, remember who the boss is of your world and don’t forget to breathe a lot. If you control what you can, keep your spirit high, this too shall pass.

I promise next week I will be back to normal and we will be on schedule to be complete by our deadline.

Take a look at the schedule for all of the upcoming weeks here:

Week 5 – May 3rd -Install lighting and the shelf. Update budget.

Week 6 – May 10th – Install the wooden wall

Week 7 – May 17th – Install the green wall and Final touches, “after” photos.

Week 8 – May 24th – 28th -The big reveal, B&A shots, lessons learned.

Till next week, make it an outstanding adventure!

Karen Post interior designer