Staged to SOLD

REALITY – Prospective home buyers often can’t “unsee” home flaws
Lighting and fixtures are critical in presenting a sell-ready home to buyers. This means making sure you have the best lighting to help sell the home. When rooms are bright, and the right light fixtures are installed, you make the best first impression.

* If a room is dark introduce table lamps or floor spot lights behind furniture to brighten up the space
* Change out light bulbs and light globes to increase light and instantly update
* If replacing a chandelier is not in the budget, cap it and add floor lighting
* Consider scale when selecting all light fixtures from table lamps to chandeliers


In addition to staging the high impact rooms in these two homes, our design team replaced old dated fixtures with trendy updated. These beautiful chandeliers impacted the prospects very first sight line of the homes interior and created a WOW first impression of the listing. For more lighting ideas, watch a recent segment that features Home Frosting’s Karen Post on NBC’s nationally syndicated TV show Daytime.

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Lighting ideas to brighten your home