Is it time to transform your formal dining space into a new room?

It’s a tough call. With open floor plan kitchens and outdoor entertaining, many
have said “good-bye” to the formal dining space and opted for a 2nd office, or an
adult sitting room.

Now how to best re purpose a room that has you stuck?
Easy breezy. Our design team has lots of great solutions, from glass divider walls to, the perfect furniture placement that redefines a space.

These ideas will help you transform an under-utilized room into a space you’ve always dreamed of.

Add a rug, artwork, shelving, on trend lighting and a chair to create a sitting room oasis.

If an office or 2nd office is your dream, our Home Frosting team covered all of the common home office challenges and ideas here.

While the formal dining space may be not have been in fashion for much of this century, it may be making a big comeback according to many industry experts.  People staying with their bubble and entertaining family and close friends in the home.

Read on for some tips for creating a dining space that will be just the right amount of function without being too formal.

Round pedestal tables are great for smaller rooms and they are fantastic for conversation.  It’s also easy to add another seat since there are no awkward legs and sides.

Tables that can be extended are also a great option because they can be expanded only when you need the extra seating room.

Of course, lighting and accessories are important to keep the dining room fresh and on-trend. Home Frosting’s segment on Daytime TV has more lighting ideas here.

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