Lyndsey and I just got back from High Point Market, the hub of all that is home fashion & home interior design style, with 12 million square feet of show spaces, 75 thousand attendees, and tens of thousands of new product introductions.

Interior designers and furniture makers from around the globe unite to set the looks and trends for the most beautiful homes.

Our great friends at Daytime invited us to share what we saw at Market, and today you get the inside scoop.

Update your home

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The pandemic had a big impact on the home décor industry.
• By spending less on travel, people had more money for their home improvements
• Many rooms were turned into offices…and will remain
• People got very close to their homes, forcing them to stare at their sofa & dining table for days


Now that things are hopefully back to normal, what does this mean?
• People are spending and updating their homes
• Demand for home-related décor and improvements are at an all-time high, causing prices to rise
• Manufacturers are still trying to catch up with production…patience is needed from everyone



The looks we love.

Earthy and organic – Nature is calling. Baskets, lots of wood furniture (light, dark, and mixed), rattan, textures, sisal, leather, jute, bamboo, canning. Casual, relaxed, comfy (Ideal with coastal, boho, cottage, and rustic homes)


Black & white bold – Timeless, versatile, and sophisticated. Geometric contrast blocking, patterns, metal, and woods too. Intentional, crisp, confident (Works with any style – Mediterranean, modern, traditional, and transitional)


Fruit salad – Color is back. Rich berries, jewels, greens of all shades, and brown & taupe. Patterns all tossed together, layers with tweeds, soft hand fabrics like velvets and suedes. Fun, daring, eclectic (Goes well with Mediterranean, modern, traditional, and transitional)


Tea party glam – Soft, elegant, feminine. Accents of acrylics, gold, stone, blush, violets, and china blue. Feels very curated, refined, and sophisticated. (Fabulous with traditional to transitional)


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