Home decor trends expert Tampa


Check out Part 2 of Home decor trends on Daytime TV with Cyndi Edwards
The Home Frosting team had another fun adventure at NBC studio in Tampa. We shared more hot trends straight from High Point Furniture Market.

If you missed the first segment, check out “In the News” to see all TV and print coverage on Tampa’s premier home staging and home design company. In this segment we covered three great looks for your home decor.

  1. The curves have it.
    Feminine influence is everywhere in today’s well appointed, on trend homes. Big circles in patterns, soft and round edges are important trend in furnishings, accessories and accent pieces.
  2. Room salad – delicious!
    Green is fresh, happy and living in all the best dressed rooms. From Art to rugs and sofas, you’ll see all tones and shades from lime to emerald to sage.
  3. Mood rooms.
    How your room looks impacts how you feel. This season comfy fabrics, calm colors and feel good textures are found in every corner. Rich leather, velvet and suede can transform even a stressful day into your feel good sanctuary.

Our new favorite product is a line of removable and re positionable wall paper. It’s call Tempaper. These dramatic interior wall statements don’t demand a long-term commitment. The self-adhesive temporary modern wallpapers are easy to remove as to apply, reposition, or replace, Tempaper temporary wallpapers comprise an extensive range of contemporary motifs that includes exquisitely detailed florals and striking geometrics and are available through Home Frosting Shop (coming soon).