Many Tampa, St Pete, and surrounding area neighborhoods are evolving from dumpy streets loaded with tear downs to becoming desired, smart investment and residential dwelling areas.

Here’s the challenge.
With the right vision, some homebuyers can clearly see the bright future and value of buying now in these changing communities. But others cannot. There is a large pool of prospects who have a tough time seeing beyond the current state of the street.

4 smart ways to move buying prospects from Yuck to Yeah!

1. Work together with other Realtors who have listings on the same street.
There is power in numbers. Schedule open houses as a destination street. Ahead of time, collaborate on some common messaging points about the future of the area, unique features, and qualities.

2. Do your homework and be ready to share your knowledge.
Find out if the government—or if there is an HOA—is planning any improvements for the area? Get to know the local neighbors and learn about other pending sales or home improvements that are planned. Be ready with facts about other similar, successful transitional areas that were once ugly ducklings and are now are beautiful swans.

3. Do what you can to spruce up the area and neighborhood’s street appeal.
This can mean organizing a volunteer day to do light landscaping, picking up trash, or removing and repairing public eyesores. Also make sure all street signs and house numbers are well lit and visible.

4. Professionally stage the homes with a clear lifestyle story.
Ideally, all listings on the street should be professionally staged. The staging presentation and investment will reflect a higher quality image for both builders and home sellers. Consider hiring one staging firm to do multiple homes, as the pricing will likely be more attractive.

Home Frosting has worked with many local home builders on transitioning streets in South Tampa.

Here’s shining example of our home staging helps sell properties.

This builder had just completed two new houses located side by side. Although both houses had similar open floor plans, nice lots, and many above standard finishes, the pair of homes were not getting much traffic. The online photography projected a cold, vacant house image, instead of a lifestyle-inspired, move-in ready and welcoming home. That was before we got onboard.

We got to work and staged just one of the homes. Within 30 days, the staged home was under contract. We then moved the main pieces of the furniture suite to the 2nd house next door, updated accessories, and gave it a fresh, new style and feel. Shortly after it was staged, it too was under contract.

Home staging made the difference. Both homes are sold! SWEET!