AFTER  home staging and a few improvements this listing when from no offers to SOLD.

REALITY CHECK: a home’s carrying expenses can be way costlier than simply making a few strategic investments to get a home SUPER sell-ready.

Insurance, landscaping, utilities, security, debt service, and the stress of having a home for sale can all be costly, whether it be in hard cash or gray hair. That isn’t even mentioning the cost of the seller’s time and the risk of any surprise major repairs popping up. 

Carrying costs on a home can easily run from .5% to 1% per month. If that’s not enough to get your attention, then consider what a mega price reduction would feel like! YIKES!

When a home’s time on the market is minimized and the listing gets the highest price possible, the numbers don’t lie: Investing in smart home improvements and home staging are well worth it.

Top 4 smart investments to get a home SUPER sell-ready

1. Painting is a low cost way to add instant value to a listing.
This can mean the exterior, interior walls, the trim, and or even doors.

2. Refinishing kitchen and bath cabinets and tile, and updating hardware are other visual, high-value perception game changers.

Dark and dated cabinets just scream, “Big home improvement project ahead!” to prospects. Why not instead present a WOW, bright, and updated space that feels totally move-in ready?

3. Updating light fixtures and ceiling fans quickly transform “dated” into “define!”
There are many fabulous lighting and fan fixtures that are not expensive, but look very impressive.

4. Stage to sell.
A well-staged home can bring in a 3-15% higher price than a vacant home. Even appraisals tend to come back higher when a home is well presented and professionally staged. Staging can cost up to 1% of the listing price. This is a wise investment, just like the other improvements I mentioned above. 

These smart spends can definitely sweeten the sale for the new buyer, the seller, the home flipper, the investor, and the Realtor. Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

A recent success. See photos at beginning and end of blog.
This beautiful waterfront townhouse was not feeling the love from buyers. It sat on the market for months without much traffic or a single offer. The location was great, it was spacious, and had excellent bones, but not a bit of interest. Home Frosting was brought in to not only stage it, but to make some redesign changes that would widen the pool of buyer prospects. We removed wallpaper, updated the lighting fixtures, and changed the décor style from traditional to transitional. Even before the listing hit the MSL, an offer was made. SWEET!

If you’ve got a listing that needs to be repackaged and staged, we’d love to hear about the home and add to your success.

AFTER home staging. A new light fixture and transitional furnishings transformed this listing.

AFTER home staging. New modern light shades on the current fixture, removing dark wall covering and colored tiles transformed this kitchen to fresh and updated.