As most of you know, this year, Home Frosting has taken a departure from traditional staging services and embraced a focus on delightful home design, remodeling, and decorating – areas where our expertise truly shines.

Interestingly, despite this shift, we still receive requests and are hired to style (frost) a few special projects. With a track record of enhancing and adding value to over 800 homes, styling homes remains a core aspect of our capabilities.

Presenting three exquisite waterfront projects that we have recently completed. We would like to take this opportunity to share their listings, in case you know someone who is currently in the market for a new home. Alongside these listings, we’ll also provide some valuable home styling tips that can elevate the impression of any home.

As of July 25, 2023, these homes are available on the market in Tampa, Florida:

living room interior design

633 Manns Harbor Drive in Apollo Beach – $1,195,900
This home is under contract

By instilling a sense of luxury in a home, one can bring joy to its occupants and substantially enhance its perceived value and appeal to prospective buyers.

Small details make a big difference whether you are putting your home on the market or preparing it for guests:

Focus on luxury touches: pay attention to small details like fresh flowers, a room’s scent, and luxurious bedding to create a warm and welcoming 5-star atmosphere.

Create a spa-like bathroom: upgrade with luxurious features like a rainfall showerhead, a soaking tub, towel heaters and plush, fluffy white towels. Keep the space spotless and organized, and store away items like plungers, toilet cleaners and commercial products that have no lux appeal.

Leverage the power of visual perception:

Excessive clutter tends to diminish the sense of luxury in a home, unless, of course, the style of the home follows a maximalist approach. In order to maintain a luxurious feel, carefully curate and thoughtfully arrange the items, retaining only those that contribute to the overall design intention.

In bathrooms with a shower curtain: off-the-shelf curtains are typically is 72 inches high, leaving a large opening at the top, not hitting the floor at the bottom. Instead, move the rod up to its highest point and install a panel that is this same size. This will dramatically change the feel of the room and make the space feel grand and elegant.

If you have a killer view, show it and keep furnishing profiles low.

Be mindful of room flow. How furniture is placed in a room is a critical aspect of the overall experience. When adjusting furnishings, think about conversation and gathering places in the room. Consider other elements and the space and attention they consume like plants, game tables and large art.

Here are 5 tried and true home style tips to make a home feel more luxurious when selling:

1) Declutter and depersonalize: remove excess furniture, personal items, and extra stuff to create an open and airy atmosphere. This includes sports memorabilia. Your favorite sports team may be an archrival to a prospect, and can instantly distract them.

2) Upgrade lighting fixtures: replace outdated or basic lighting fixtures with stylish and modern options. If it’s not in the budget, capping or replacing them with a simple generic fixture is a better solution than leaving them up.

3) Fresh coat of paint: repaint walls with neutral and calming colors to project a clean and luxurious backdrop.

4) Upgrade hardware: replace dated doorknobs, handles, and faucets with more elegant and stylish options. Consider using brushed nickel, brass, or matte black finishes.

5) Create a lifestyle with a relaxing outdoor space: If the home has a backyard or outdoor area, set up an inviting and comfortable space with outdoor furniture, cushions, and greenery. This will add to the overall luxurious feel of the property.

Keep in mind that whether you’re styling a home to stay or staging it for sale, the objectives remain alike: to craft a luxurious and delightful ambiance and experience.

Karen Post Tampa interior designer