marina pointe primary bedroom

This project felt like it took decades to complete. It started in 2022 with a big vision and a slated completion schedule. Then there was Covid, hurricanes, and other challenges to overcome.

The building is called Marina Pointe in Tampa Bay. The common areas and grounds are beautiful, well-appointed, and all situated in the hot new part of the Westshore Marina District. The team, including salespeople, construction workers, and supervisors, collaborated diligently with a shared objective: to get things right and stay on schedule. Our client was finally able to close and moved in this past spring of 2023.

Our Tampa-based interior design firm was engaged to bring their dream high-rise home to life.

We just wrapped up the final details of the custom furnishings, art, window treatments, and décor finishes, and shot our professional photos last week.

Our clients, who were a pleasure to work with, wanted a very glam, coastal, Florida vibe. Relocating from Nashville, they started with a blank canvas, keeping none of their former furnishings, except a very few sentimental pieces.

The good news was, a new construction design project means there was plenty of time to plan and wait for custom-made, personalized pieces to come in.

The finished interior design project is a stunning dream home, with epic views, modern conveniences and all personalized to our client’s styles. Here are some highlights from the project:


The bad news was, the original schedule kept moving back from domino delays causing extra expenses and headaches. I don’t believe any of these bumps were intentional, and in life, uncontrollable things happen. But if you are thinking about a new construction high rise as your next address or 2nd home, take note and bring your patience.

While developers might touch upon these aspects, you are human, your emotions are going to be undoubtedly heightened by the excitement surrounding this incredible lifestyle and place depicted in sales materials.

Just pay attention!

  • Unlike single-family homes, certain developers might restrict homeowners’ walk-through tours of the space to just one or two occasions. Even with the the best floor plans, questions and concerns may arise only when it’s already too late.
  • Mother nature, pandemics, and subsequent issues stemming from these such as supply chains and delayed inspections can add months to a project’s timeline.
  • Confirm if you are free to use your own subcontractors for electrical and finishing projects, such as lighting after the certificate of occupancy is given. And that by doing this you will not jeopardize any warranties.
  • Be sure to inquire about the homeowners association’s governance structure, the process for electing the initial board, and the timeline for when the developer’s involvement will diminish.
  • Find out where your parking spots are located and what size they are.
  • Don’t give your notice on your current home until you have a concrete move-in date. Delays can add other expenses like storing furniture, hosting guests, and therapy sessions.

At the end of this adventure, Marina Pointe is a great place to live.  Just have your eyes wide open and your favorite beverage on hand.

Karen Post Tampa interior designer