If you follow me on Instagram thank you. If not, you are missing some exhilarating stories from the point of view of a Tampa interior designer who is showcasing her behind the scenes journey of some very cool projects.

In May, we got engaged to style and prep a home in Apollo Beach and then help the family transform and decorate their new place, a 5,000 sq ft., 20-year-old gem in the gated community of Cheval in North Tampa.

The deadline was tight, less than 90 days, as the family wanted their kids to acclimate to the new neighborhood before school started in the Fall.

The scope of work was complex and had no shortage of challenges. The current state of the home was dated and dark, and it needed some serious Home Frosting love.

The rewarding and exciting part was the client was ready for 360-degree change, both in the home and with their furnishings. The project would be done in 2 phases, one now and the balance in the spring of 2024. After 90 days, it’s all taking form, on schedule and looking amazing!

Thanks to an incredible client, a super GC, Southshore Construction, my marketing team 24 East Media, many super subs, product vendors, and of course my team.

Check out the project highlights to date below.

We will do a before and after blog once the entire home is finished.

In the meantime, we do want to share some lessons. Should you embark on a home remodeling and/or major home interior design transformation project. I hope these tips are helpful!

Lessons from an interior designer:

  1. When you buy a 20-plus year-old home, even with floor plans, and a glowing inspection report expect surprises from past work and unknown expenses.
  2. Accept that advances in technology is a good thing, however the transfer of older lighting fixtures and fans to new types of products can be trying and stressful.
  3. A high percentage of items ordered (from lighting and furniture, to supplies) will be missing parts, damaged, or the wrong item shipped.
  4. Finding trim, molding and other construction detail is not always easy to source, or it has to be special ordered and will take some time to arrive.
  5. New extra-large chandeliers replacing old ones suspended with a pully, need a special pully kit to install.
  6. Installing peel and stick wallpaper requires a cool room (under 74 degrees) or paper will bubble.
  7. Replacing hardware on a Sub-Zero refrigerator is not a simple task. How the previous hardware was attached impacts whether and how you can replace it.

Fortunately, we were able to manage these bumps with a smart problem-solving team. If you have any questions, please shoot me an email – karen@homefrosting.com.

Karen Post Tampa interior designer