Pets are like family. Here’s how to make your place look fabulous for you and your furry friends.

Pet-friendly home decor ideas

Americans spend more on pets than ever before: in 2019, it is projected spending on pets will exceed $72 Billion. Source – American Pet Products Association.

Daytime TV recently invited me to share some easy home decorating ideas to make your place on-trend and pet-friendly too. Whether your goal is stage to sell your home, or you are wanting to create the purrrfect environment to live in, we’ve got the inside scoop. And to make sure all of these pet-friendly home décor ideas are dog-tested and pet- approved, we’ve invited, Lincoln, our resident design dog at Home Frosting to be a part of the segment.

Watch the complete TV segment here, which aired in over 100 markets or read on for more pet-friendly tips and ideas by Home Frosting’s interior designer and home stager, Karen Post.

Here’s how to create a beautiful home that reflects your personal style and your pet will love too.

First step- Don’t think of your pet’s places in your home as utilitarian, make them functionable, but with style! Incorporate these on-trend styles in your home and pet decor

Black and white is hot, hot, hot.
Doggy decor
• Introduce black and white Buffalo Check. This is a big look that can work in the kitchen or living areas.
• Pop in a touch of yellow as an accent. It’s bold and fun.
• Find a matching bowl to compliment the look.
• Buy an extra pop of color, placemat just like the ones on your table.
• Add the perfect bed in solid or the check pattern.
• Create instant pet art – here we used an image from Lincoln’s Instagram account, added a photo filter, printed out and framed it.
• Personalize accessories too. Lincoln loves his monogramed backpack.
• Use storage cubes for décor and to stash your pet’s toys.
• Complete the look with a large black wire dog sculpture.

Product info – A) Black and white dog bed $30.00 B) Personalized accessories C) Black and silver feeding bowls  $20.00 D) Black storage cubes $25.00 E) Custom dog art (made to order and pricing TBD) F) The Phillips Collection wire dog sculpture $400.00.

For a casual, softer pet and people homestyle, go BohemianThe styling pet
• Start with a big statement piece. This can be a wall hanging, piece of art or cool accent piece of furniture. • Install carpet tiles. They look great and if your pet has an accident, just replace one tile, not entire rug.
• Add a storage bench. We found the purrfect pink one, removed the legs and it became an instant dog day bed. Plus, it provides needed shortage for toys.
• Complete the look with gray and white ceramic slow food bowls and a rubber pink mats. These innovative pet food bowls are made by the Happy Pet Project and are designed to make dog work a little harder for their food because of the added built in bone.The happy dog project

Product info – A) Bohemian wall art $49.00 B) Day bed/storage bench $99.00 c) The Happy Dog Project slow dine feeding bowl $25.00 F) Flor brand floor tiles, pricing based on number and style of tiles.



You can never go wrong with a glam look for a sophisticated home décor style.Sophisticated dog decor
• Accent your home furnishings and décor with rich colors and brass and gold. This can mean accessorizing your living space and bringing in the same elegant look for your pet.
• Add hand-crafted artisan wood and brass feeding bowls.
• Frame any room space with plush furry rugs.
• Include storage elements like this Mid-century stool that adds style and function.

Product info – A) Brass bed $495  B) Brass and hand-crafted wooded feeding bowl set $275

If your pet has furniture privileges, consider performance fabrics and materials that pets won’t ruin.  

Synthetics fabrics for furniture and rugs are ideal choices for pet-friendly places
* Synthetic fabrics are easier to clean
* Tight weaves are really good as they are more difficult to get snagged with paws
* Patterns are a plus because pet hair is less noticeable and will disguise accidents
* Low pile fabrics for furniture like a velvet is great look and low pile fabrics tend to not hold in odors

Outdoor fabrics are extremely durable for four-legged friends
Most outdoor fabrics are protected materials. This means they have built-in technology properties that are moisture-repelling, stain-fighting and odor-resisting.

Learn more about how to clean the top performance fabrics like Crypton,  Sunbrella and Revolution

Leather or pleather (man-made faux options)
Leather or man-made materials that look like leather are excellent for pet-friendly homes. Both materials look great and are easy to clean. I use a vinegar and olive oil mixture to clean my leather chairs. It’s natural, removes soil and your pet won’t get too excited about the scent of vinegar.

Most products are available through Home Frosting. Visit the Home Frosting shop where we have many great home decor and home furnishing products or email for more details.

In closing, if you love home decor, great design and your pet, why not add style to how you appoint your home. If you need expert home design assistance or home staging, we’d love to connect and learn more.

Karen Post: Founder of Home Frosting