Tips to sell a dark penthouse re design

“Before” home staging – this penthouse had little buyer love.

Before photos of an outdated bedroom

As home stagers, we often get asked, what are the best improvement investments to make to help sell a luxury penthouse?

A recent story
When this penthouse was first listed it had few showings, no real buyer interest, and no offers. The frustrated Clearwater home seller changed agents and listened to the tough-love advice from the top producing team of Leslie Gerlach and Martha Thorn of The Thorn Collection.

In 30 days, the listing was under contract, the sellers got the home staging investment back and property is now SOLD!

The photos below show the “after” home staging results.

After home staging example photos in Tampa

Beach condo home staging selling tips

Home improvements that will help sell your home
To command the top selling price, this penthouse needed more than furniture. It needed a design refresh.

The waterfront property was gorgeous, but the dark and heavy Tuscan style was not appealing to today’s beach property buyers. To get noticed on line this listing required more than bringing in rented furniture and coastal art. It needed a home staging expert like Karen Post and investing in some key home improvements and changes to transform the entire look and feel of the home.

The Home Frosting, home staging team got to work.
In just over 4 weeks, the place had a brand new personality, an updated vibe and reflected an elegant coastal lifestyle.

3 key home improvements that made the difference. This listing went from sitting on the market to SOLD

  1. Brightened – Paint and changed light bulbs throughout unit
  2. Lightened – Removed heavy window treatments, removed some ceiling fans and updated key lighting fixtures
  3. Created a lifestyle – Staged with transitional furnishings to compliment the traditional finishes

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