Selling a Luxury home tips

19105 Merry Ln, Lutz, FL 33548 listed by Lynn Richey, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

You are selling a gorgeous several million-dollar listing. Your goal is to create an aspirational lifestyle impression to appeal to a discerning, affluent buyer. Whether you are the home seller or the Realtor read on.

The home is truly spectacular. The landscaping and pool look like a 5-star resort. And the home’s staging impeccably reflects nothing less than a cover shot of Architectural Digest magazine. The photos are carefully orchestrated and the online images invites the luxury buyer to want more.

An open house is scheduled and then these missteps happen, disrupting and downgrading the luxury experience that is being marketed. They may sound like common sense, yet I’ve witnessed them all at luxury home showings and open houses.

7 sloppy sins that kill the essence of selling a luxury home and your prospect’s first impression

Demonstrate your success
If your car is in the shop, don’t borrow your kid’s starter car that is covered with frat house stickers and park it in the driveway. You are an extension of the home’s luxury image, look the part.

Roll out the right carpet
Don’t forget the welcome mat, make sure it’s not too small or made of a piece of old scrap carpet.

Take care of repair items. Maintenance matters
The door hardware does not work is covered with rust. Every item that is broken or needs repair send a message of neglect and not taking care of the home.

Exceed Neiman Marcus non clutter standards
Inside the home, your purse, soft drink, jacket, sunglasses, paper work and 107 keys are laying on the kitchen counter or floor.

Be a gracious host
The powder room has no supplies, the hand soap is in a drug store branded container, a trash can with plastic liner is in full sight, along with the cleaning solutions and plunger.

Respect all 5 senses. They impact buyers’ decision making.
The home is dusty and smells like an antique store. All you hear is traffic and the next door neighbor’s dog barking.

Do a thorough walk through, before home buyers do.
Only an entomologist will get excited to see a bug. Dead crusty critters that are sun bathing in the window or on the floor is gross and shows you don’t care.

Selling a luxury home takes way more than inviting buyers to learn about the property online and tour the home. It’s about presenting a memorable experience of style, hospitality and attention to detail.

Karen Post: Founder of Home Frosting