We live in a visual world. Top brands we all buy know this well.  That’s why they invest in professional imagery to best showcase their product.
The formula is no different when it comes to selling a home. Perception is reality, and a picture is worth more than a thousand words, but thousands of dollars.

Friday, a South Tampa Realtor reached out to Home Frosting to get information on our home staging services. He was getting ready to take over a listing. His client, the home seller had tried to sell the home on his own using a low cost service with no success.

No surprise here.
Take a look at what the home seller posted on the MLS. OMG! Who with any brain at all would think these photos would attract buyers and command the highest price (unless they giving it away for $50,000, which they were not). I thought I’d seen it all, until I saw these awful images showcasing a home listing.

Worst home listing photosHow not to show your house when selling

Never do this - home selling tips












Here are three impactful and instant ways quality photos can add value to your home listing.

1) Get their attention with quality photos. 
Today home buyers shop online first. This means what your photos look like matter. Good lighting, no dangling cables and cords, and no nasty trash on the floor. Before a buyer books a showing, something positive and appealing needs to grab their attention. Bad photos will put a listing on the delete property list fast track. Great photos will reduce the time on the market and accelerate the sales process. This is the cost of getting the highest price in today’s competitive market.

Tampa Home staging tips

2) Tell a visual story that presents an aspirational lifestyle.
If outdoor living is a feature to the home, show it. If entertaining is, feature that. Your photos are part of the selling theater.

outdoor home staging

3) Project a well-maintained, bright and spacious image.
A clean home and just the right amount of furniture and decor elements add value to the perception of the home.  This means the buyer will have confidence the home was well-maintained and their personal items will fit.
home staging an office

The three last images in this blog are examples of how Home Frosting staged and packaged homes to sell. Once our work was complete, a professional photographer shot images, the Realtor started marketing and quickly the properties were sold. If you’ve got a listing that needs some attention, we’d love to help. Many of of our staging packages include professional photography. If you are working with a limited budget or just need some small tweaks, check out Home Sprinkles, our new affordable home staging by-the-room offering.

Karen Post: Founder of Home Frosting