Shelf styling ideas
Are your shelves styling or are they just spaces collecting dust?

Our good friends at Daytime TV, Cyndi Edwards and Jerry Penacoli invited me, Karen Post and Home Frosting  to share some simple ideas to transform any shelf from just filler stuff to styling and fabulous home decor looks. Love to watch home design and decor shows, check out all of the programming we’ve done with Daytime here.

Whether you are selling your home and you want to make your place really shine, or you are a home dweller and looking to update your place, shelves can have function, be an outlet for personal expression, reflect décor style, or a little bit of all.


  1. Function – do you need storage?
  2. Personal expression – what’s your personal style, do you have memories, pictures of family and pets you’d like to showcase?
  3. Décor style – have you purchased art, objects and or treasures from your travel and these can complete your home design story

Here are three places “the art of shelf styling” can add a beautiful dimension and aesthetic to your room

Home decor tips
1) Keep it simple & clean. Over stuffed spaces are OUT. Lighter, minimal looks are in.

2) Layer to create a balanced and defined areas or vignettes.

3) Remember, some items are better in closed, non public spaces.

4) Add contrast, by adding a color or texture tot he walls or base of shelves.

5) Have fun, get creative.

At the NBC studio in Tampa, we created four fabulous styling shelf examples:

The first two are perfect for an office or den 

  • Books- Hardbacks are best, organize, wrap, rotate how you stack
  • Bookends- Can be anything heavy. We love using natural stones, brick or glass containers full of weight
  • Frames – Frame can feature memories or inspirational quotes
  • Objects – Mix up shapes. Spheres work well as do, different size cubes and boxes
  • Color – Get bold with color as the pop can make the space more interesting

The next one will polish up any kitchen

  • Boxes, jars and baskets are great for storage and dimension
  • Stacking books vertically or horizontally
  • Add texture with greenery, pasta, beans and burlap.

And lastly, we’ve designed a bathroom that feels like a spa

  • Bathroom and powder rooms are another good place to place reading materials
  • Find pretty containers to hold toiletry essentials
  • Stack up hand towels and toilet paper
  • Add greenery  

Need help starting or finishing your home decor? We are here to assist you. Home Frosting offers hourly and project design services and we sell unique products from home furnishings, to art and accessories. Give us a call at 813-250-1730 or email me at

Karen Post: Founder of Home Frosting