Whether you’re selling or staying put & just want a fresh look, here are some tips from design pro, Karen Post.

Karen Post on Daytime


Post pandemic, the real estate and home improvement world is crazy, crazy, crazy!

Are you thinking about selling your home or looking for a fresh update? Either way, we’ve got you covered.  If you missed the latest segment with Home Frosting’s head designer Karen Post and the Daytime TV show gang Maggie Rodríguez and Danny New, watch it here.

The skinny on the show’s content:

  • Home prices have sky-rocketed with values up 22.4%
  • As a result of the COVID-19, suburbs are seeing huge growth
  • Low-interest rates, meaning more buyers are competing for their dream home
  • Sellers are getting above their asking price, and multiple offers on homes


The sizzling hot market has no end in sight. So how do you take advantage of this?

First, you need to know, it’s a new world in home buying & selling. The endless number of home & design shows offered by channels such as HGTV has raised the style bar with consumers. Buyers have new desires now – multiple home offices, rooms for living & entertaining, natural light & more casual spaces – and they’re willing to pay for them.

Freshen up and update your home, Here is the formula:

  1. Set a definite timeline
  2. Be prepared to invest – time and/or money
  3. Detach any emotions from home. Focus on appealing to buyers
  4. Keep the end-goal of home preparation in mind
  5. Showcase the value – i.e. spacious rooms, well cared for, most upscale, move-in ready.
  6. Highlight the lifestyle – i.e. entertaining, family home, outdoor spaces, walking-friendly, work/home
  7. Sell it!

Some side secrets to get a home ready:

First impressions matter. The exterior and entry set the stage.

  • Consider curb appeal
  • How does the home smell?
  • Have you truly decluttered? This means time to say good-bye to your treasures & extra items
  • Remove all personal photos. No political, religious, provocative, or sports teams.
  • Eliminate the small stuff
  • Eliminate off-trend things (like pot racks), or things that chop up a room or make it feel smaller.

Now make the place bright & spacious

  • Paint
  • Check/change bulbs to a brighter temperature
  • Remove old/low ceiling fans
  • Remove any dark (or unnecessary) rugs, as well as dated window treatments
  • White does wonders – add white towels and linens

And finally, if you are selling, have a plan to overcome buyers’ objections

  • Stage with solutions and make sure your Realtor has the tools to show the prospects improvement possibilities


This segment provided examples of proven ideas that added value & appeal to homes that were previously listed & sold. However, if you’re not selling, they are simple changes that will make your home so delicious you may never want to sell!


Need more ideas? Check out all of our previous Daytime segments over on the Home Frosting YouTube channel. Daytime TV is syndicated in over 100 markets.

Karen Post: Founder of Home Frosting



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