I had the pleasure of doing another home décor segment with our pals at DaytimeTV. The show films at the NBC studio and broadcasts to over 100 cities in the US. The morning was extra fun because I got to work with the new co-host Maggie Rodriguez and she loves home interiors and pillows!

If you missed the segment, check out the pillow talk segment here.

Maggie Rodrigues and Karen Post discuss the 2021 top pillow trends.

Pillow talk with Maggie Rodriguez (left)

Top pillow trends

Whether your home décor update is a high-end, luxury home or your first starter home, accent pillows are an easy, fast, and flexible way to transform any room. Mix and match, just update the covers, add some new trim or detail, or replace them all with a custom, new pillow collection.

Natural and organic – Jute, burlap, textured woven leather, suede, and fringe…I’ve seen this hot look everywhere. You can buy these ready made or augment a pillow you haven with a new pillow cover.

Granny chic or grand millennial – Just when you thought mom and granny’s pillows were passé, those traditional patterns are popping up with a new twist of crochet, trims, metal, and vintage detail.

Artisan and crafty – Hand-made, art-inspired, and even commissioned custom-painted pillows are all the rage for that upscale, luxury-designed room.

Abstract and geometrics – Bold color blocked pillows make a modern, mid-century statement. Welcome back mustard, lapis blue, and rich crimson reds.

Comfort and cuddly – In our stress-filled world, especially this year with the lockdowns and social distancing, anything that is comforting and soft is popular in pillows. Chenille (like your bathrobe), elegant velvet, and fluffy skins (both real and faux) add a soft and plush touch to any sofa, bed, or chair.

Outdoor pillows look and feel indoor – Technology has come a long way, allowing pillows ottoman, and puffs to now come in a range of colors, shapes, and fibers that can be enjoyed both inside or outside as home décor.

 The most asked questions about decorating with pillows:

Q: How many pillows should I use?

A: A good rule of thumb is to have an odd number of pillows (3, 5 or even 7) pillows on a sofa or bed in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Q:  How do I choose a pattern or color?

A:  A good place to start when mixing colors and patterns is to pick a pattern you love with several colors that go with the rest of your room’s décor, then pick a pillow in a solid color and another pillow in a smaller scale pattern pattern with similar colors. (show some examples?)

Q:  What size should my pillows be?

A: Pillows should be in scale with the sofa, large sofa, large pillows. Chairs often just need a pop of color or texture and can be smaller lumbar style pillows.

Q:  What shape is best?

A: Fortunately, there are no pillow police. Selecting pillow shapes are personal style preferences. A good guide to start with is to compliment your overall decor look and style.

There is no shortage of fabulous pillows to quickly add some new style to a room. Looking for something really special and custom to complete your luxury home décor? Home Frosting can help – we design high-end pillows in any shape, texture, material, and/or size. The custom pillows can be a signature accessory, or compliment custom window treatments and furnishings.

Karen Post: Founder of Home Frosting



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