What makes an extra special entryway, where guests go “WOW!”?

Is it a great piece of original art, a lighting fixture with character, or a unique piece of furniture? They all can (and will) if you follow these steps.

This week I had the pleasure of being on Daytime TV to share some easy ideas & examples of how to spruce up the first impression you make in your home: your entry. Well-designed entryways can have a purpose, be decorative, or set the mood and style for the home. Watch the full segment by clicking here.

Home decor ideas

It’s hard to believe it’s January 2022, but there’s no better time to get motivated and step up your entryway game than at the first of the new year. I know many of you are taking down the holiday decorations…or if you’re like me, you’re just staring at the tree and thinking about it a lot. LOL

When planning an entry for a homeowner, I start with a few simple questions:

  1. Does this entry space need function? Like to store shoes, dog leashes? Or to drop keys?
  2. Does this entry space have enough light? Or will lighting help to set the mood and achieve the function?
  3. What is the entry walk flow area like? Does it take you to other rooms or is it a simple point of entrance?
  4. And what is the size of the entry area? Small and intimate, or grand and epic?

Once you have these answers, the planning is simple.

Here are some gorgeous examples and style tips to guide your next entryway

This first style is created with a vintage wicker table which is a very popular look. I added a glass top, two blue & white ceramic lamps, a drop tray for keys, and two puffs that can hide cords or be used as additional seating when needed.

. . .

Here we have a historic home that mixes traditional and modern. The entry is decorative while still having good storage with the added large baskets. The painted console is topped with layered elements, and a large leaning mirror opens up the space and shows off the beautiful chandelier. We also added a piece of modern art, a white vase with some greenery, and a drop dish for keys.

. . .

The entryway shown here was a larger space, so we were able to add a full-size sideboard cabinet with storage. The entry had good lighting already, but we added two buffet lamps since we had the space. We then added a large piece of art and framed the area with wallpaper. I love the look of mixed floral patterns!

. . .

Like some of the others shown here, this entryway also needed storage. The homeowners of this beautiful coastal home already owned the console, but we gave it a fresh, new look by painting it medium blue. It was relatively narrow though, so we added a couple of tall, small-shaded lamps, a large basket to hide electrical outlets & cords, watercolor art, and a rug. Not only does the rug warm up the space, but it helps keep the entryway clean by catching the incoming dirt.

. . .

This entry is from a high-rise unit with an open floor plan. This means we had a lot of room to add elements with volume, like this deep brass mirror and vintage bar cart, both of which have a function and a nice look. We also added temporary wallpaper along the entry wall, adding some detail and breaking up the space from the next inset.

. . .

We kept the entry simple for this small & very modern space. All it needed was a large piece of art, a black leather & wood console, and vases for some pops of color. To showcase the art, we also added extra lighting.

. . .

This Mediterranean home had colorful & detailed Mexican-inspired tiled stairs, so we kept the entry clean, adding just a simple storage bench and a large piece of bold art.

. . .

The final entryway drew inspiration from the room it faced, which was very light with a touch of soft teal. Here, we installed a thin table with an airy piece of art and a large basket filled with a pillow, adding texture and some volume.

So, whether you’re taking advantage of the motivation that the new year brings and redecorating now, or even if you’re waiting till you’re forced to pull those holiday decorations down, I hope this brings you some inspiration. The most crucial tip I can give is to not overfill the entryway with furniture and accessories. This is the first thing that “hits” guests, so it’s necessary to think about the scale of the items you’re including. If the entryway space is tight, limit what you include, and don’t place delicate items where they can potentially be knocked over.

Karen Post: Founder of Home Frosting

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