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Source: Four Hands

As a Tampa interior designer, one of the most common questions I get is, what are the top home interior design trends for the new year?

That is a big question because interior design, and home décor trends fall in 2 distinct, inspirational trend buckets.

  1. First – what items, treatments, materials, and looks that are showing up at top fashion and merchandise markets will influence tastemakers & interior designers and be seen in well-designed homes?
  2. Second – how do these apply to the hottest consumer market desires & demands in home improvements and/or new construction home spaces, based on social, economic, and pop culture changes, events, and values?

At least twice a year I travel to High Point Furniture market to see the latest and greatest in everything home design, home décor, and furnishings. I also follow trendspotters, travel, and stay very abreast of media coverage on real estate matters, emerging design technologies, and products.

In this 2-part blog, I will cover both of these trend areas.

Let’s first look at group one: Based on the top fashion and merchandise markets, 2023 will be a rich, exciting year full of fresh products and the return of timeless classics with a brand-new spin.

Here are 5 interior design & home décor trends I’m crazy about, and you will be seeing them in my interior design projects.


Nature can be found nestling in every corner of a home with organic elements from furniture to finishes that bring an aesthetic spirit of calm, improved well-being, and peace to our living spaces. Brown is back. The earth remains the “Mother supplier” of so many items to design a home. Home Frosting carries hundreds of lines of furnishings, art and accessories to create this look. They include: Four Hands, Uttermost, Gabby Home, and Made Goods to name a few.

Featured in-stock items from our store

coffee table in the middle of a living room setting
wooden statue on a table
black earth stone

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The right materials selections and furnishings can provide color, texture, and function to manifest a beautiful design vision. Some of my favorite elements include:

  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Jute
  • Stone
  • Rattan and Wicker
  • Seagrass
  • Feathers
  • Cork


Luxury residential homeowners always crave unique and signature statement pieces that add character and a story to a room. This year there is no storage of master artist-infused, museum works-inspired furnishings, accents, and accessories. From painted upholstery chairs to custom murals to bold accent furniture inspired by tattoo artists in China. Inviting a masterpiece into your home will bring an original dimension of drama, conversation, culture and personalized style.

Here are a just a few artist-inspired pieces I adore:

Red Egg Tattooed tables
A modern-day art form, the Tattooed tables are a new twist on masterpiece art in home design & décor. Available in several table sizes and variations. Email us for more info.

two white chairs with images of people stitched on them

Source: Saba

Another brilliant example of art in home furnishings is Saba Italia, who collaborates with artist Antonio Marras, a lauded Sardinian designer and artist.

Together they created a textile collection that includes hand-drawn fabrics, bringing these slip-covered New York Chairs to a whole new level of creativity. If you love these chairs as much as I do, connect with me and we will procure these masterpieces for you.


Global & US hand-made products remain an important part of any thoughtful, well-curated home. Often made of natural & recycled materials and constructed by local craftsmen, these artisan pieces deliver an authentic contribution to the design project and often are part of a larger movement to help support emerging economies and sustainability around the world. The items below bring this trend to life. From over-sized cutting to hand-carved vases to handmade recycled pillows. All available from Home Frosting.

3 charcuterie boards

Source: Kalalou

two pillows

Source: RizzyHome

3 vases on a table outside

Source: Kalalou


Mankind has never stopped thinking about and or admiring the human body. Its form and sensuality touches design everywhere. This year you will see body parts inspo in architectural design, furniture and accents. From very sexy and provocative, to more understated silhouettes, both soft and feminine, and bold and masculine lines will influence many great rooms.

Add some sexy to a room with these Global Views accessories.


Mixing patterns is a big home design and décor trend. From soft goods, to walls, to floors, and upholstery, a happy montage of patterns exhibits confidence in a design concept and one’s creativity.

I’ve always been very intrigued by patterns. From natural pattern and design in a rock form, to a manufactured repeat compositions in a wall or floor treatment, to a handstitched motif in a fabric. Many experts believe, creative people spot more patterns than most and then formulate new ideas with patterns in their conscious and sub conscious mind. The key in any pattern salad is still to achieve an aesthetic harmony, and remember design is subjective.

grey and white piece of fabric print

Source: FLOR

Whether you are a DIY designer or you choose to work with an interior designer like Home Frosting for your home design project, these trend ideas can stand alone or be combined to add an in-vogue update to a space, or serve as a style driver in a master plan.

Have fun with them and check out our next blog, where we apply these trends to some of the top in-demand purposes like laundry room updates, pet-friendly homes, no-media tranquility rooms, and social spaces and for room design and home improvement.


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