Dreamy bedroom ideasThe master bedroom is considered to be the 2nd most important room on the staging priority list

With the average person sleeping one-third of their lifetime, or 229,961 hours to be exact, it is no surprise that the bedroom plays a critical role in the packaging of the home and the rooms that are staged.

See how your bedroom can be a dreamy, luxurious room, whether for home staging to sell your home or to create the perfect sanctuary to live in and enjoy.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ Home Staging Report, 51% of real estate agents believe staging the master bedroom is “very important” and is ranked second on the staging priority list, directly under the living room.

Follow these tips to create a beautiful bedroom experience that adds value to a home and ignites positive emotional triggers. This article also ran in The National Association of Realtors’ Styled, Staged and SOLD blog.

When space allows, always create a sitting area.
This staging technique transforms a basic bedroom into a master’s suite. A sitting area is another point of relaxation and can be created by adding a bench, two chairs and small table, or depending on the space a sofa or love seat.

Light and bright is best.
Even though many believe quality sleep time means a dark room, when staging a bedroom bright and light is recommended. Light walls and decor will make the space feel larger and create a happy vibe for the room. Use color as accents and keep linens and furniture as light as possible.

5-star luxury does not require a million-dollar listing price.
It does mean don’t skimp on small details that feel luxurious and upscale. The bedroom and bath should feel on-trend, stress free and like a relaxing escape. Double up on your comforter and layers so everything looks extra plush. Stack sleeping pillows with crisp pillowcases, along with large shams followed by a soft throw will finish the presentation.

Beautiful bedroom ideas

Mirrors add purpose, open up space and reflect style.
A well-positioned floor mirror shows the buyer furnishing placement. Mirrors installed behind nightstands can add a design aspect and make the room feel larger. If you can, hang the mirror separately from the dresser or lean it with clear bumpers. This adds an original dimension of style to the room.

Properly scaled headboards and simple, large art complete the statement.
Both headboards and art are important staging elements as they visually can imply grandness and drama. Depending on the home’s architecture and style, we often get creative with headboards using large art, room screens and mirrors.

You deserve to sleep well and live like royalty. Need help with your bedroom? Give us a call. Love to see more home decor ideas and tips, visit our Home Frosting Youtube channel and see all the Daytime segments.

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