Home staging success examples

3 things that can lower a home’s selling price

  1. Bad photos online (buyers won’t even give you a chance, they will go to other homes that present better)
  2. A sad curb appeal (home buyers only give the listing one first impression)
  3. Dated everything – out-of-style light fixtures, window treatments and home decor can hurt your price

Reality – Every out-of-date element in a home reminds would-be buyers, “THIS PLACE IS OLD!”
Often older homes that need updating send a negative message to prospective buyers. Their heads will fill up with thoughts like, “This house is a huge project and needs lots of work. What else is ancient and going to break next? This place looks like a money pit.”

One small home improvement investment that makes the greatest change in the prospect’s impression of your listing.

Home Frosting has staged hundreds of homes to sell in the Tampa Bay area. As home staging professionals, we know which small edits make the biggest difference. This blog post covers one aspect – outdated window treatments, and what you can do.

Home staging tips to help sell your home in Tampa for the highest price.
Lose the 1980 vertical blinds.
It’s no better than wearing a light blue leisure suit to show a property, (you get the picture?). Replace that tacky touch with a simple rod and shear window panels. This look is upscale, fresh, and inexpensive.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 5.24.24 PM
Staged condo sells fast- example

Remove heavy window treatments.
Unless you live in a castle, heavy and dark window treatments will not appeal to the largest pool of buyers. If you don’t need privacy during the home marketing, and the view is nice, leave the windows naked. This will make the room feel more spacious, updated and sophisticated.

This occupied condo in Clearwater, FL was listed by Natalie Scott with Smith and Associates. Home Frosting provided luxury home staging, removed old blinds and added window panels. The property had a contract in a couple of weeks and is now SOLD. Lots of JOY here; happy home seller, happy agent, happy new homeowners, and they purchased everything in the staging.


This beautiful home in Avila, sat on the market for quite a while. Home Frosting came in and worked with the Real Estate pro, Dianne Martin with Century 21, and this home is now SOLD. We staged the home with transitional furnishings, updated light fixtures, and removed the heavy window treatments. Unless there is a privacy or  sun issue, many rooms don’t need any type of window treatment especially when you are selling the home.

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